Super Beast Spreader

The most powerful hydraulic spreader in the industry.

Operating Pressure 10,500psi Max Spread Force 140,000lbs

Rescue spreaders play a very important role in an emergency situation or extrication and most of the time it is the quintessential tool at the scene. Removing doors, sheet metal or debris to get to the patient is the number one task at any rescue scene. Champion’s full size spreader has the power and the speed to get the job done without hesitation. Champion builds the Beast and The Super Beast as a dedicated spreader for those departments that want a spreader tool to stand alone on their rescue vehicle.

As the world’s auto-makers continue designing safer and stronger vehicles each year, the 10,500 psi SUPER BEAST generates an unmatched 140,000 lbs. of spreading force on the back of the spreader arms to handle these ever changing materials for years to come. THE SUPER BEAST is tested and proven to handle the most demanding Five-Star Crash-Rated vehicles.