Our Accessories ensure Maximum Efficiency with your rescue tools.

RM-5E Remote Manifold

When electric power units are positioned on fire trucks or rescue vehicles as a permanent fixture, remote operation is essential. The Remote Valve Manifold can be positioned close to the tools or the hose reels. The remote system allows the department or truck manufacturers the potential for customization to meet its specifics and needs.

RM-5E Remote Manifold

Spreader Tip Chain Attachments

Attaches to our spreader tips with clip pin for the use of pull chains and hooks.

Assorted Couplers

Champion Rescue Tools carries compatible couplers for all low pressure and high pressure systems. Coaxial, Mono couplers available on request.

Coupler Dust Caps

Dust Caps for all coupler styles available.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil Hydraulic fluid – sold in gallons (Standard or Synthetic)

Download PDF – MSDS Mineral Oil


Phosphate Ester

Phosphate Ester Hydraulic fluid – Sold in Gallons.

Download PDF – MSDS Phosphate Ester